‘Electronic Guru’ grows from the occasional small talks we had on soldering iron. We are not surprised everyone has different experiences, views and opinion. These small talks about best soldering iron triggered us to put forward our effort and share real time information to add values to an ever increasing queries, reviews and doubts.Most of us had our first soldering iron recommended by friends or from some other sources. Honestly, the words ‘best soldering iron’ become a relative term and since not everyone has time, opportunity, ideal resources and efforts to test every soldering iron to pick the right soldering iron, it is kind of frustrating when you get the wrong tool. Every tool is efficient in some way or the other but doesn’t act the same to achieve the desired result.We share our personal experiences and honest reviews that will help you feel what it is like to work with a particular soldering iron before you actually purchase one from the market. Our team’s experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for the first time users and for those who want to upgrade their soldering iron. Alongside, we introduce resources and guides to achieve excellent welding experience related to welding and maintenance as well.

  • These unbiased soldering iron reviews are purely based on our personal experiences and reviews from users who are passionate about sharing their experiences.
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  • Our team wish to facilitate and help you deduce the decisive factors that will influence your decision in buying the best soldering iron.
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