Aoyue 852A++ Digital SMD Hot Air Rework Station Review

Aoyue is a leading and most trusted manufacturer of soldering irons in Asia and Europe. It’s now introducing its products in the US market. As its tools are equipped with cutting-edge features and multiple accessories, available in affordable rates, this brand has become much popular in quite a short time.

The Aoyue 852A++ is one of the best innovations from Aoyue. It’s a reworking station constructed to remove or repair surface mounted devices like chip, circuit boards and so on. The unit is designed to repair items without potentially affecting or damaging any component by direct or actual contact.


This new 2-in-1 repairing station consists of a hot air rework gun and a vacuum pickup tool for desoldering and removing components respectively. The Aoyue 852A++ is considered to have the most advanced functions, making it one of the most reliable rework systems for fine and precise soldering. Here is a brief overview of all its features:

  • The Hot air rework system has a wattage rating of maximum 500 watts, making it a powerful unit, perfect for heavy duty industrial and factory services.
  • Temperature of the tool can be set between 100°C to 480°C so that you can work on variety of components.
  • Fast heat up with built-in thermal protector that increases durability of the heating element. It also has quick heat recovery times for effective heat transfer, improved work efficiency and extended nozzle life.
  • Replaceable heating element allows the user to change the heating element when it wears out without necessarily replacing the whole hot air gun. It saves a lot of expenses in the long run.
  • It’s microprocessor-controlled ESD free equipment, making it safe for the static sensitive components.
  • For precise airflow level adjustment, the unit is featured with an integrated airflow gauge.
  • Different types of nozzles are included for wider range of components. The nozzles are made of durable metal and stainless steel to protect against oxidizing and rusting.
  • Vacuum pickup tool is powerful and reliable. It removes the desoldered components precisely without leaving a trace.
  • Long inflammable cord for both hot air gun and vacuum pickup tool offers better freedom of movement over the work area and safety.

Power Station and its Special Features

  • Digital Display and Control

Power station of Aoyue 852A++ has a digital display for both the temperature and air pressure. The temperature readout is switchable between Fahrenheit and Centigrade, according to user’s comfort. It has simple power button and temperature adjustment buttons for precise setting of temperature.

  • Sleep Mode

One of the key features of the Aoyue 852A++ is the built-in sleep mode with timer function. This allows the tool to cool down temporarily after it exceeds a pre-defined inactivity time set by the user. It also has a default time of 5 minutes.

The auto sleep mode function is activated if the hot air gun is placed on the handle and remained inactive for 5 minutes. However, as soon as the hot air gun is released from the handle, the unit will switch back to its previous working temperature and airflow level automatically without any need for manual intervention.

  • Reset Button for Temperature and Airflow

The reset button on the control panel is used in reconfiguring settings of temperature and airflow level. When pressed, the system will temporarily switch to stand-by mode and then restart the device with default airflow and temperature level values of 51 and 100°C respectively. Pressing this button will remove all the previously configured system values and set back to default.

  • Auto-cooling Process

The built-in auto cooling process is activated when you select the cool down function on the control panel. The system will then start blowing air at high speed to accelerate immediate cooling of the hot air gun. Once the temperature reaches 90°C the cooling process automatically shuts down.


The Aoyue 852A++ rework system has a lot of advantages over other basic units:

  • Accessories included with the unit and its functions are sure to prove a good value for your money.
  • This device is compatible with different types of nozzles, even from other brands, so it won’t be difficult for you to find its replacements.
  • Auto sleep mode is a good power saving feature and also increases tip life.
  • Auto cooling process promotes durability.
  • Perfect for heavy duty manufacturing services.


Like any other soldering system it also has some drawbacks:

  • As it has only hot air gun for soldering, it’s not ideal for individuals who prefer working with basic soldering iron.
  • It requires expert machine operator.


This rework system has unbeatable features packed in a much affordable kit, making it an exceptional unit. You’ll never regret your investment on this exceptional product from Aoyue as its features and functions are worth every penny.


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