Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station Review

The Aoyue 968A+ with a hot air repairing station is an excellent soldering unit. Hot air rework station is mostly used by enthusiasts and professionals who are into soldering small items like cell phones, electronic parts and circuit boards. The exceptional tool like Aoyue 968A+ allows to have complete access to your soldering work piece as it can be use to join even the tiniest components easily.


The Aoyue 968A+ is featured with many equipment and functions that make is one of the most powerful soldering systems:

  • Three in one soldering system includes soldering iron, hot air rework gun, vacuum pick up kit and an iron or gun holder.
  • The soldering iron uses standard tips with power consumption of 70W and 24V output voltage. It uses ceramic heating elements that can produce a temperature of about 200°C to 400°C. For soldering iron 10 different tips are included that can be used in numerous soldering tasks.
  • Built-in smoke extractor in the soldering iron absorbs harmful fumes that are formed at the source during soldering process.
  • Quick heat up time and recovery time will improve work efficiency and enhance the durability of the soldering iron.
  • Hot air gun has power consumption of 550W and can produce about 100°C to 480°C heat. It uses a metal heating core as heating element. The hot air system also consists of an air diaphragm that has maximum air capacity of 23 liter per minute. 5 unique air nozzles are included for the hot air rework system.
  • The hot air gun and soldering iron holder is made of sturdy aluminum. It has been designed in such a way that both the equipment goes into the holder hole perfectly. The configurable stand has separate dedicated spots for sponge, cleaning brass coil and solder.
  • This unit is meets the CE and RoHS standard, which means that the system is ESD free and for industrial use.

Power Station and its Special Features


  • The power station has a digital display that can be used for both hot air and soldering iron. You will be able to virtually view the temperature and air pressure setting in the digital display.
  • It has an adjustable temperature control setting that allows the user to maintain the required temperature and proper calibration of the desired temperature.
  • Microprocessor control system warns the user when aging or breakdown of the heating core occurs. Its temperature stabilizer maintains a constant temperature that has been set when the configured heating limit has reached to deliver precise soldering or rework results.
  • Configurable auto sleep mode allows the user to set particular time duration of inactivity of the soldering iron and hot air gun. Once the set inactivity period is exceeded, the power station shuts off the power to the iron or the gun. This feature ensures work safety and also prolongs tip life.
  • Auto cooling process for hot air makes the power station leave the blower on until its gun tip has cooled down. This function helps to improve nozzle life.


With the Aoyue 968A+ soldering system you’ll have many advantages in accomplishing your soldering projects:

  • 3-in-1 feature makes this soldering and rework system one of the best devices. Due to its high quality features it’s most recommended for PC boards.
  • Microprocessor controlled hot air system delivers optimal quality rework results.
  • Fully automated process not only maintains user safety but also enhances the longevity of the soldering unit in the long run.
  • With various additional tip and nozzle options you can work on multiple soldering processes.
  • The unit operates relatively quietly as compared to other products in its class.
  • With its built-in heat stabilizer and fume absorber, it’s also safe to use at home.
  • Its price is lower than other soldering systems with same power.


It also has a few limitations:

  • As the unit comes with numerous additional accessories, storing them can be an issue for some users.
  • It has a rather complex operating system that needs an experienced operator. Novice might find it difficult to operate.


The Aoyue 968A+ is a worthy and commendable purchase. It has some highly advanced features for precise quality works. In fact most individual buy this unit because they consider its features and quality worthy of the price. This device is best recommended for those enthusiasts and professionals who are seriously into soldering small electronic equipment or circuit boards.


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