DG HEAT PRESS Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press,15-by-15-Inch – Black Review

If you are looking for a brand new heat press machine for your custom made gifts or custom printed shirt business then the new innovative DG heat press by Fancierstudio an ideal match for your requirements. This is an industrial grade machine that can handle all your business needs. It is one of the most popular heat printing machines in the market today because of its ability to print on a variety of flat surface whether it’s fabric, metal or ceramics. It’s relatively a budget friendly unit for a start up business and also it’s a great shirt printing machine with lots of advanced features.


This heat press has numerous functions and features, making it one of the most reliable machines. Here is a brief summary.


You don’t need to install any special connection for this unit as the DG heat press can operate efficiently on an input power of 110 V. In so less input it’s capable of delivering 1800 watts output, making it relatively more powerful and effective than other standard heat press machines. The machine heats up very quickly and it has higher work efficiency.

Size and Weight

This is a large machine with a with a working platform that measures around 15 by 15 inches, which is capable of transferring images and designs onto garments measuring up to 5/8 inches. Due to the clamshell model, this machine requires very less working space as the top heat platen open upward unlike other swing-away models.

In case you are looking for a portable unit then this is perfect for you as it weighs only around 48 pounds. It can easily be moved around and transported effortlessly.

Other Features

  • The unit is Ideal for applying transfers, numbers, letters, and images on shirts, bags, garments, mouse mats, ID badges, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, and a lot more.
  • The electronic digital temperature and time control team up to provide you the ultimate accuracy when working on various projects. Varieties of materials can be used with this unit as it has an ample range of temperature and time selections.
  • Digital LCD screen enables the user to view the settings, promoting quick and precise adjustments.
  • The heating element features an extensive range of greatly efficient heating coils, which makes the heat press machine capable of distributing heat uniformly on the garments or items you’re working on.
  • The heat platen is Teflon coated to prevent the items from sticking and burning. An added Teflon coated sheet is also included for maximum safety and user convince.
  • Unglued silicon rubber base allows you to adjust the elements the way you desire.
  • Long handle with foam grip gives better and more relaxed hold to avoid fatigue or strain.
  • Full range adjustable pressure knob assures efficient pressure on the transfer to deliver optimal outcomes.


The Fancierstudio heat press machine is a potent unit and comes with a lot of advantages over other regular clamshell units.

  • It has a candid design that makes this heat press machine astonishingly easy to use, making it the perfect choice for starters or young kids for accomplishing their projects.
  • Electronic controls make the setting easy and quick. All adjustments can be done with most accuracy, so you don’t have to do any guesswork.
  • The upward-opening mechanism used in this unit looks similar to that of other clamshell models, but it was designed with simplicity in mind to offer a handy operation.
  • The machine has a rugged construction designed to give maximum durability.
  • It’s compact and comparatively more portable. Due to its upward-opening construction, it requires lesser working space.
  • Has higher productivity in the least time, making it an industrial-grade device.


With many benefits, this heat press machine also has some drawbacks.

  • As the unit has only a flat press, it can be used only for printing objects with a flat surface. So it’s not a good choice for those who want a machine for printing other items like caps or mugs.
  • Sometimes the pressures may not be even, so the results are less precise than the swinger models.
  • There is always a risk of getting hurt as you’ll be working below its heat platen.
  • Lesser access to the layout area.


Whether you are creative at heart or a learner in need of a good unit for your shirt business, the Fancierstudio heat press will never disappoint you. You’ll be amazed at what it can make you create. Just let your imagination loose and you can make the best out of this device.


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