F2C Clamshell Heat Press Transfer T-shirt Sublimation Machine Review

The F2C 15 by 15 inches t-shirt printing clamshell machine is one of the most in-demand heat press models among novices in the market today. The reason why most beginners prefer this device over the other available models is that it comes with an upward-opening configuration that grants easy and simple operation. In addition to this, the F2C machine is competent of heat pressing images on myriad substrates.

For those who are interested in the T-shirt business,  this F2C clamshell machine can transfer images and characters to almost all types of t-shirts very efficiently.  You can also employ this device to transfer pictures or logos to bags or letters to other accessories such as mouse pads, fast and professionally. And, with a little of effort, this heat press can also be used to decorate ceramic plates and tiles without cracking or breaking them.


The F2C 15 by 15 clamshell heat press machine is featured with many advanced functions that make it a superior model.  Here is a brief overview of its features.


With F2C, you get a brand new model of sublimation heat press that can generate up to 1200 watts of power in a mere power input of 110 V. It’s more than enough to meet your commercial printing needs.

Temperature and Time

With an adjustable temperature range of 0 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can customize this machine to transfer images safely on most materials. With this unit, you also get a digital timer of 0 to 9999 seconds for explicit settings for the specific items.

The machine will heat up relatively faster, hence offering more work efficiency. If you are in business and have to transfer images or characters to several garments in one day, it enables you to work faster without sacrificing safety or quality.

Size and Weight

The 15 by 15 inches heat press sheet allows you to work with larger garments as well, unlike other medium-sized machines. It requires lesser working space due to the clamshell design. Weighing around 50 pounds, it’s quite portable and can be transported with minimal effort.

Other Features

  • Digital temperature and time control allow precise setting of time and temperature. With the LCD display, you can virtually see the time and temperature. The readouts are clear and easy to understand.
  • Specially thickened heating platen guarantees an even, effective, and stable temperature for high-quality outcomes.
  • Heat platen is made of aluminum and ensures heating uniformity on the transfer surface.
  • Heat platen is Teflon Coated, so there won’t be any sticking or burning.
  • Signal indicator with automatic countdown timer and alarm lets the user know when the press cycle is over.
  • The pressure can be adjusted effortlessly by simply turning the pressure adjustment knob, based on the thickness of the substrates.
  • The silicon pad on the machine can endure a maximum temperature of 350 °F without any distortion.
  • The heating platen can open up to 70°, making the device pretty much convenient for operation.
  • Integrated electric control system allows for simple adjusting and maintenance.
  • Dual electric system protection offers safety operation.
  • Solid steel welded black framework makes the machine rugged and long lasting. the frame won’t crumble even under high pressure.
  • Silicone rubber base for better stability of the unit while working.
  • The upper heat platen is extremely light and tight-sealing.
  • Comfortable handle integrated on the device makes the operation way more fun.


This F2C heat press model comes with many advantages.

  • A powerful system that can transfer heat to almost all items with a flat surface.
  • The spacious platform allows transfer on larger surfaces.
  • Solid steel frame ensures better durability and reliability.
  • Electronic temperature and time control eliminates guesswork and helps obtain better quality results.
  • With this unit, there won’t be any risk of bad transfer as it won’t stick or scorch.
  • It has a user convenient digitalized system that needs zero operation skills, making it ideal for novices.
  • Operates on the universal electrical system, so no need for a special circuit for powering the unit.


It also has some drawbacks.

  • As you’ll be working under the heat platen, you have to be extra careful not to burn yourself.
  • This machine can only transfer on items with a flat surface as it doesn’t include other presses like hat press or mug press. So its functionality is limited.
  • Sometimes it might experience inconsistent heating.


The F2C 15 by 15 inches black heat press is robust and durable. It has all the features to make it one of the best sublimation heat press models in the market. Highly recommended by many users, this unit is never going to disappoint you in the long run.


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