Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Swing Away Heat Press T Shirt Press 9″x12″ Blue Black Review

Look no beyond Fancierstudio 12 by 9 inches heat press if you need a good flat press for home use. It’s certainly one of the best heat press models available in its class. With this device you get a well-made unit with a sturdy steel frame, therefore making it capable of withstanding the abuse most users subject to such machines for increasing their production.

This entry level Fancierstudio heat press is a swing-away model that offers comparatively more precise outcomes. It will allow you transfer your very own printed images and logos through heat transfer papers and as well as vinyl heat transfers. With the Fancierstudio Heat Press machine, you can customize your own garments, t-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse mats, coasters, ceramic tiles, and so much more.

Along with domestic applications, this unit is also capable of delivering industrial pressure, strength and uniform temperature, and guarantees the transfer to last a lifetime on the garment.


Now here is a short overview of all its features and functions.


Perfect for making custom items, this machine offers a desirable performance. Its 1400 watt element heats up uniformly to deliver high-quality results. The 110 V electrical system works with most outlets, so you don’t need a specific setup to power this device.

Temperature and Time

This machine offers a wide range of temperature setting from 0 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which works great for almost all types of materials. You’ll be able to choose the most suitable temperature for the particular material that you are working on. A timer ranging between of 0 and 999 seconds allows for accurate heat press cycles.

Size and Weight

With a working element of 12 by 9 inches, this compact heat press machine by Fancierstudio is a small size model. The working area is big enough for working with most standard sized garments. It needs lesser working space than other models. With the weight of only 29 pounds, you can easily carry the machine around single-handedly.

Other Features

  • Smart digital temperature and time control allow for accurate settings.
  • LCD display will let you virtually see the time and temperature settings for quick and easy operation.
  • 360° Swing away design offers larger layout area as the upper platen will swing completely away, giving more access to the working area.
  • Glued down silicon rubber base keeps the machine steady during operations.
  • The heat platen is Teflon coated, so the transfer won’t stick or burn. Also, it eliminates the need to cover the transfer with some additional sheet.
  • Full range pressure adjustable knob enables you to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of your work-piece.
  • Strong handle design allows for sturdy and easy operations.
  • Rugged construction for better durability.


The Fancierstudio 12 by 9 heat press comes with many advantages.

  • Unlike the traditional clamshell machines, its industrial durability and strength allow for long-term use; making it a good investment with excellent value as compared to its competitors.
  • Featuring a swing-away design, it’s one of the easiest to operate models. Loading of the materials for transfer can be done easily.
  • As its heating element is moved away at a safe distance from the user’s body, it minimizes the risk of burns and any other injury that can be caused when the heat platen may directly come in contact.
  • The heat platen is sturdy, non-stick, and constructed to accommodate garments, bags, puzzles, mats and many other items.
  • Even though this unit is smaller than some heat press models, its performance is highly impressive. The flat surface will distribute heat well and uniformly for optimal transfer.


This swing-away heat press machine also comes with some limitations.

  • As the element measures only 12 by 9 inches, it won’t work well for larger garments.
  • It requires more space than the clamshell devices.
  • The machine needs a good operating skill, so if you are just a learner, it’s probably not the best option for you.
  • This doesn’t include other presses, so it’s function is limited only to items with flat surfaces.


This heat press machine is affordable and reliable. It has a multi-functional design that can transfer to most flat-surfaced items. If you are making T-shirts for your family or for clients, the Fancierstudio heat press is sure to make a professional and lasting impression.


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