Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron Review

The Hakko FX-901 is a cutting-edge, low-end cordless soldering iron. With high quality innovative design, it’s a complete package of versatility, power and affordability. This unit is the perfect tool for electricians, service technicians, artists, hobbyists and small home inventors.

It can be used to solder electrical connection, repair electronic appliances like alarm systems, RC cars, fix jewelry, and almost anything that needs soldering where you have no access to power supply. This soldering tool is durable, reliable and worthy of its price. If you want to go cordless then nothing is better than the Hakko FX-901 cordless soldering iron.


The lightweight Hakko FX-901 cordless soldering iron is made of precise quality plastic material. It has many features that make it one of the most recommended cordless soldering tools. Given below is a brief overview:

  • Power and Temperature

Powered by four nickel-metal hydride or AA alkaline batteries, the FX-901 is able to operate above 600°F continuously up to 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the type of battery you use. There are no other battery-operated soldering irons available in the competition that can continuously deliver this much amount of power for so many minutes.

The maximum temperature that the iron can deliver is also determined by the type of battery used. For example, if you use AA alkaline batteries then the iron will give temperature output of 600°F, but the batteries will last only 60 minutes. However, with nickel-metal hydride batteries, the soldering unit will deliver only 400°F, but have twice the battery life. This soldering iron can heat up quite instantly, in 25 seconds, which saves a lot of time and increases productivity.

  • Tip

A T11-B conical tip is included with the Hakko FX-901 cordless soldering iron, which is ideal for soldering through-hole appliances and SMD. Ceramic heating element prevents the tip from damaging sensitive components. Unlike most of the soldering tools, this unit has specially designed short-sized tip for better stability while soldering.

  • Build and Operation

Every part of the Hakko FX-901 is constructed user convenient. It has an easy to remove separate battery magazine for quick and effortless replacement of batteries. With quick release soldering tip, the tip can be changed in seconds. It has a simple on/off switch for easy operation. All you need to do is switch on the soldering gun and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t need an expert operator, so this soldering iron ideal for both experienced and novice.

  • Portability and Safety Features

The unit is small in size and compact. Weighing only around 4 ounces, it’s extremely easy to carry around. The cordless design adds more portability to the unit as it gives freedom of movement to the user over work area for better efficiency.

This soldering iron also has some useful safety features like LED indicator that shows the user whether the power of the device is on or off. It has a protective safety cap that automatically turns the iron off and covers the tip.

Some cordless soldering tools create sparks that can damage electronic components, and butane irons may ignite flammable vapors, which can cause some serious injuries. But the Hakko FX-901 is designed totally user safe and ergonomic. Also, it won’t produce any spark.


In comparison to other cordless soldering iron tools, with this unit you’ll have many benefits:

  • Cordless, compact and lightweight is the best advantage of this tool. You can hold it effortlessly and comfortably.
  • The unit is extremely safe for home use as there is no possibility of accidents with this tool.
  • As its tip is pointed, it can also be used in fine soldering tasks like circuit boards.
  • Very cheap as compared to other cordless tools with the same power.


  • Its drawbacks are less but could be enough to affect some of your works in the long run:
  • Having to replace the batteries after every 120 minutes of soldering will be pretty expensive for those who are into regular soldering work.
  • It doesn’t have an adjustable temperature control, so the power delivered by this unit might not be suitable for some fragile components.
  • Not recommended for precise industrial applications.


The Hakko FX-901 is one of the most affordable and innovative soldering irons created by Hakko. It has great quality and functions in a very cheap rate. Usually cordless soldering irons are expensive but this battery-operated Hakko device is unique and admirable. Its features and functions will prove to be worthy of your investment.


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