Hakko FX-951-66 Soldering Station Review

Hakko is another best seller of soldering irons. They manufacture the most innovative and versatile products when it comes to soldering. The Hakko FX-951-66 is a digital soldering unit with compact footprint and remarkable features. It's surely going to turn heads when seen on your worktable.

It’s a multipurpose soldering system that can be used in three types of soldering, including standard soldering, N2 soldering and micro soldering. This unit is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a rugged factory grade soldering iron.


Equipped with soldering pencil, digital power station, iron holder, and numerous accessories, the Hakko FX-951-66 is a package of durability and power. Here is a short summary of all its functions and features:

  • Power and Temperature
  • With wattage rating of 70 watts the soldering iron has enough power for almost all types of soldering work. Temperature of this soldering iron is adjustable and can be set between the range of 400°F and 840°F. With this you can set the temperature depending on your soldering need and type of the work-piece. It heats up quickly in a matter of seconds and has good thermal recovery times, hence delivering better productivity and improving tip life.

  • Tip
  • This Hakko soldering iron uses T15 series composite tip that has built-in sensor with ceramic heating element, which ensures precisely efficient heat transfer and thermal recovery times. The tip is replaceable, allowing the user to use different styles of T15 series tips for various applications, including through-hole components to SMD.

    Switching the tips is made easy due to the quick change sleeve assembly. The soldering iron consists of a changeable ergonomic and anti-microbial foam grip which comes with the tip and available in variable colors.

  • Iron Holder
  • The Hakko FX-951-66 has a unique and carefully designed iron holder with interlock mechanism for easy power-saving setting. The angle of the holder can be freely changed so that it can accommodate the iron in both sitting and standing position, as per the user's convenience. It's also equipped with a cleaning coil for quick and convenient removal of debris from the iron tip.

  • Portability and Safety
  • The compact soldering system weighs only around 2.6 pounds. As the unit is lightweight and compact, it's portable and easy to carry around. The soldering iron is also compact and slim, so that the user can have better grip and control over the work piece. It's safe from electrostatic discharge as the iron is grounded to prevent discharge that can damage the work.

    Power Station and its Special Features

  • Digital Display and Control
  • The power station of Hakko FX-951-66 has an easy to read digital display where you can view the temperature setting. It helps in acquiring precise heat setting for fine soldering works. You can view the temperature in both °C and °F. It has simple operating buttons for easy thermal setting.

  • Auto-sleep Mode
  • With Auto-sleep feature, the station will automatically minimize and maximize the temperature of the soldering iron, completely by itself. Once you put the iron on the holder, its auto-lock mechanism sends a signal to the power station, which then reduces the temperature to minimal. When the iron is detached from the holder, the temperature is increased again.

  • Auto-shut off
  • Configurable auto-shut off function makes the power station shut the power off to the soldering iron when the maximum inactivity time set by you is exceeded. The auto-shut off can be set minute by minute up to 30 minutes.


    The Hakko 951-66 has many useful advantages over other soldering stations when it comes to convenience and efficiency:

    • Multiple functions allow the user to do variety of soldering work.
    • Automatic features not only save a lot of power, but also prevent the tip from oxidizing and extend tip life.
    • Good for both hobbyists and professionals.
    • Ideal for industrial and factory services.


    It also has some limitations:

    • Operating system of the station is quite complex, so the user must be experienced enough to operate it. Due to its advanced operation, it's not so good for beginners.
    • Because of its advanced technology and multiple abilities, its cost is relatively moderate, which maybe too high for individuals with limited budget.


    Hakko is today one of the best and most reliable soldering iron brands, offering high-grade build, durable construction, and safety features. When compared to the basic units out there, Hakko 951-66 is a great tool with the most remarkable functions.

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