Hotronix Fusion 16″x20″ Heat Press Swing-Away MADE IN USA Review

If you are planning to take your t-shirt production to the next level without needing to hire more staff or having to outsource printing services, the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press can be an ultimate tool for you. This machine is an outstanding combination of swing away and draw heat press model. You can use however way you desire, swing or draw.

This mighty and advanced system is certainly not designed to be used as a mere hobby press, but it’s built for commercial or professional purposes. it works great for both small and large t-shirt business needing a heavy duty industrial quality device. Most importantly, it’s an easy to use and high-quality heat press machine. This is, in fact, one of the fastest heat presses available on the market.

You can use this heat press machine for transferring on T-shirt and garments, format dye sublimations, cut and print vinyl transfers and many other flat hard surface transfers.


Given below is a short overview of all its functions.


With the new Fusion heat press by Hotronix you get an output of 1750 watts that is perfect for commercial use. It requires 120 V of power supply to run efficiently, which is readily available in all industries or workshops, hence eliminating the need for any specific setup.


This machine has a wide range of temperature ranging between 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The multiple temperature setting options will let you work on various types of transfers and substrate materials. This also allows for more well-defined prints than other devices.

Size and Weight

The Hotronix Fusion consists of a large heating element that measures 16 by 20 inches, making it good for all sizes of garments. You can also use it for transferring images to thicker garments like sweatshirts and hoodies. However, as the machine has been designed for industrial applications, it weighs nearly 150 pounds and is not very portable as compared to other standard units.

Other Features

  • Threadability on the lower platen of the machine allows you to position the garment, rotate, and transfer images to any part of the garment. Even if there is any bump such as zipper or seams on the specific part that you are heat pressing, the pressure will be applied uniformly, unlike in other heat presses.
  • Touch screen technology will allow you to program an infinite number of frequently applied application settings for temperature as well as time.
  • Production cycle or press counter lets you know the number of press that you have completed so far with the particular unit.
  • Auto on or off setting makes the operations a lot easier.
  • Eight optional language settings increase its versatility.
  • Swing and draw style allows for a heat-free workspace. Also, you can position your garments more freely.
  • Platens can be changed easily without any requirement for additional mounting tools.
  • Twin Timer allows the user to pre-set individual time settings for pre-heating and application or two-step applications.
  • Outstanding cast aluminum alloy frame offers better strength and durability.
  • All its heating elements are backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Digital readout of the pressure, time and temperature settings on the machine eliminates a lot of guesswork because with other machines pressure is set by turning a knob, while with this you can set it digitally.


With the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press as your device, you’ll have a lot of benefits.

  • As the machine comes with dual operation options, you get the benefits of two styles with just one machine. benefits of having swinger and draw are that you’ll not have to have your hands below the heat of the upper platen, so there is a lesser risk of getting burnt or hurting yourself. It also makes lay out and preparation of your garments much easier as you’ll have an extra work space, especially if the press machine is at a lower level.
  • Fully digital and automatic settings make operations smoother and more convenient. Also, you’ll get better quality results.


This unit comes with a few limitations as well.

  • As the machine is larger, it requires more working and storage space.
  • It’s quite heavy and can’t be moved easily.
  • As the machine has a complex operating system and rather needs a skilled operator, this unit is not recommended for learners.
  • It’s more expensive than other units despite having the same power wattage, so buyers with a limited budget may not be able to get this.


This is a remarkable heat press. Most people who have used this machine have loved its excellent performance. If you have a good budget and great ideas in your head then don’t think twice to purchase it.


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