Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit Review

The Vastar 60W full set soldering kit is one of the best value soldering iron kits that you can find at the market in the most affordable price.  You are guaranteed a long-lasting soldering iron made with stainless steel iron plated tip. This is simply a quality that you won’t find with other soldering units within its price range.

With the Vastar soldering iron kit, you’ll have lot of additional accessories included. Most of the time you may have to buy the accessories separately that will cost you more, so nothing is better than  having all the equipment in just one kit in such a good reasonable rate.


The Vastar soldering kit is unique with not only precise functions and multiple features, but an excellent quality:

  • This kit includes a number of accessories including a soldering iron, soldering stand, soldering iron tips, pocket pack solder, desoldering pump and a pair of static-free tweezers, making it a complete package just perfect for your soldering project.
  • The soldering iron is made of stainless steel and iron plated tip that ensures quality of the soldering result and maintains exceptional stability and reliability.
  • Five unique soldering tips are included. Each one has different size and shape. These tips are designed distinctively to accomplish the basic soldering tasks.
  • Integrated adjustable temperature control allows the user to set the temperature output of the iron tip between 200°C and 450°C. It has a special built-in thermostat circuit to control the temperature that lets you adjust the temperature according to your requirement by calibrating the knob wheel on the iron itself.
  • It uses 60W power, which is perfect for almost all the common soldering jobs.
  • Rugged soldering stand is designed to hold the iron steadily when you need to take a few minutes break during work.
  • The soldering tweezers consists of precisely pointed tips for tiny components and work piece like circuit boards.
  • Desoldering pump is powerful and constructed to deliver quality result.
  • With upgraded PCBA, this soldering iron uses a chip-fixed resistor unlike other products on the market that use color ring resistance. The exceptional chip-fixed resistor makes the soldering iron heat faster and has improved heat dissipation efficiency for better quality consistency.
  • It doesn’t have a soldering station, so you can simply plug the soldering iron and start soldering.
  • Built-in LED indicator on the soldering iron allows you to see if the device is switched on or off. It’s a good safety feature and prevents a lot of accidents.
  • The iron has a soft grip handle designed for maximum user comfort and to reduce slippage. It won’t let your hands feel fatigue or discomfort when soldering for prolonged periods.


The vaster soldering kit comes with numerous benefits:

  • The full set consisting of so many equipment and accessories in such an affordable price itself makes it superior to other units. No other product offer so much while maintain this great quality.
  • As it doesn’t have a power station and no complex settings are necessary, this soldering unit doesn’t require an experienced operator. It’s perfect for beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of soldering.
  • With adjustable temperature control and precise tip quality, it’s guaranteed to deliver you optimal soldering as well as desoldering.
  • The unit is study and durable. With a little care, it’s sure to last for a life time.
  • It’s safe for home use.


With so many advantages, this Vastar soldering iron set also has some limitations:

  • The accessories included with this soldering iron kit are somewhat limited, like with other most complete kits available. Even if the soldering iron itself is excellent, all of the parts packed with it are almost too basic to rely on in the long run.
  • As this unit doesn’t include a power station, it lacks some extremely useful features like digital display, auto sleep function and other essential functions needed for precise soldering tasks and professional use.
  • As it lacks some basic features, this soldering tool not very much recommended for industrial use and serious soldering jobs.


When it comes to soldering kits, the Vastar soldering iron Kit is one of the cheapest deals on the market. It’s a unit that you will have a lot to work with and you will definitely be getting a lot of benefits from the main tools included. This is the ultimate soldering kit for small home projects and hobbyists.


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