VEVOR 1400W Heat Press Machine 8 In 1 Sublimation Steel Frame Heat Presses Review

Many people don’t really realize how much they needed a heat press device until they get one. Whether you are setting up a business of heat pressed items or just want to let out your creativity, Vevor 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine is the ultimate solution to your requirement. This device is the most versatile and useful machine available in the market at present.

With this swinger heat press model you can literally heat transfer images, letters, logos, etc on almost all items including T-shirts, plates, caps, ceramic tiles,  mugs, mouse pads, coasters jigsaw puzzles and other miscellaneous fabrics and materials. It can also transfer colorful characters and pictures of sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto items like glasses, ceramics, and textiles such as flax, cotton, nylon, chemical fiber, etc.


This ultimate heat press device has many superior features. Here is a short overview.


With this heat press unit, you’ll get an excellent power output of 900 watts, which is more than sufficient for all commercial needs and it delivers a remarkable performance. All you need to operate this unit is a power outlet of 110 that is available is most homes and workshops.

Temperature and time

This Vevor 8 in one heat press machine comes with a wide selection of temperature settings ranging between 0 to 480 degree Fahrenheit that you can set according to the type of the transfer material and substrate that you are using. With the right temperature for the specific material, you’ll get better quality outcomes. It also has a timer ranging between 0 and 999 seconds for precise accuracy.

Size and weight

the Vevor 8 in 1 heat press machine comes with a flat press measuring 15 by 12 inches, four unique mug presses with diameters ranging between 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches, having the capacity of 11 OZ and 12 OZ, a curved hat press with dimensions of 6 by 3 inches and two different plate presses with maximum diameters of 5 inches and 6 inches. This allows you to work not only on multiple substrates but also a variety of sizes. The entire unit weighs only 63 pounds, so you can transport the machine effortlessly.

Other Features

  • Digital temperature and time control allow for quick and accurate settings. You’ll be able to virtually see the settings on the LCD screen. This reduces guesswork.
  • 360-degree full swing away design facilitates you to move the upper heat platen completely out of your way, making loading and removing of items easier. It’s also a good safety feature as the user won’t have to work under the top heat platen, hence decreasing the risk of getting hurt or burnt.
  • Teflon coated heating elements to prevent sticking and scorching.
  • The machine comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. This saves a lot of time and heightens work efficiency.
  • Full range adjustable pressure knob enables you to set the pressure according to the thickness and type of the substrate in order to deliver premium quality and lasting outcomes.
  • Handle with a long arm for more convenient operation.
  • Full range of heating coils on the heat platen to allow for heat consistency throughout the surface during operations.
  • Easy detachable lower platen.


This Vevor heat press machine has a lot of advantages over other products in the competition.

  • Eight different elements in a single unit make it the most versatile amongst its competitors.
  • With smart electronic controls for both temperature and time, it’s able to deliver more accurate results.
  • The machine is perfect for both home users and small business.
  • You’ll be able to heat press on infinite number items.
  • Swinger design offers more space for layout and you can work with better freedom.


With several benefits, this unit also has some drawbacks.

  • As the system comes with many elements, it can be a little confusing until you get used to the system.
  • It will require more storage as well as working space.
  • Unlike the clamshell models, to operate this device one must have some machine operating skills, so it’s not a very good option for learners.
  • Its power is relatively lesser than other brands in the same price range.


The Vevor 8 in 1 heat press is an amazing machine that can heat print on thousands of different items in so many varieties of ways. You’ll like the fact that you can craft on several items with a single device. Whether you are into a business or you want to print for your family members, this is simply a perfect machine.


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