Weller WES51 Analog Soldering Station Review

The Weller WES51 Soldering Station is an optimal choice for various soldering applications, including repairs, industrial manufacturing, rework and more. Due to its good power and variable temperature settings this device is most recommended for soldering electronics. Instead of a single piece of compact hardware to make a smaller station, this unit goes into two separate parts. One is the power station that allows you to change the power in the soldering iron tip. The other part is the holder itself with a dedicated tip cleaning station.

Overall Features

The Weller WES51 has some of the best and most innovative technological features:

  • This system includes a power station, soldering pencil and iron holder.
  • With 50W common wattage the soldering iron can be used for various soldering projects including manufacturing, rework and repairs.
  • Its innovative built-in sensor and heater combination delivers quick heat-up times and faster temperature recovery for better temperature control over the course of your job.
  • With adjustable temperature from 350°F to 850°F, the soldering temperature can be set according to the requirement.
  • PES51 Soldering Pencil consists of a durable stainless-steel Ni-chrome-wound heating element for prolonged tip life and quick recovery time. The Stainless steel tip will not tarnish at high temperatures, so you can use this durable pencil for a long time in the long run.
  • The soldering iron also features an inflammable silicone rubber cord, a lightweight and slim handle made from high-impact ESD plastic, and a foam grip that prevents fatigue or heat discomfort during continuous use.
  • The iron stand is separate from the control unit. It’s designed to hold the soldering iron snugly and securely when you need to put the soldering iron down for a few minutes. The holder is made of sturdy metal, and its tip hole has a snug-fit ring on it to prevent the iron from slipping out accidentally.
  • The iron stand also has a dedicated spot for wet sponge that helps to remove debris from the tip in order to prevent build-up and ensure optimal transfer of heat from the soldering tip to the work-piece.
  • Durable design makes the unit sturdy and useful in heavy-duty manufacturing applications.
  • With weight of only around 4.5 pounds this unit is portable and easy to carry around. Due to its small size and compact design, this soldering device requires less storage space.

Power Station and its Special Features

  • The power station comes with an analog temperature control. Electronic temperature setting allows the user to adjust the temperatures accordingly. For user convenience it’s precisely measured to within nine degrees.
  • Temperature limit lockout feature gives you control over the soldering process by ensuring controlled heat accuracy.
  • Easy-to-understand built-in LED lets you know what mode the soldering station is in, so you can easily notice if the unit is turned on or off and whether the temperature of the system is locked or unlocked.
  • Auto-sleep mode feature makes the soldering station shut off power to the soldering iron after every 99 minutes of inactivity, hence conserving electricity and increasing the tip life.


Having Weller WES51 as soldering tool can be a very advantageous to you:

  • With automatic shut off feature and wireless temperature lock down function, this unit is safer than other soldering systems in its class.
  • Wide range of temperature selection and precise temperature control adds more versatility.
  • With rugged and strong construction, this unit is guaranteed to last for a lifetime.
  • Long cord connecting the soldering pencil with power station allows the user to hold the iron and move freely without any restriction.
  • Automated processes improve work efficiency and convenience.


Like all technical tools, Weller WES51 also has some limitations:

  • As the temperature control is analog and not digital, novice users might find is confusing while setting the temperature level that may lead to inaccurate heating. So it’s not very much recommended for beginners.
  • The soldering iron is only compatible with tips of Weller brand and not with tips of other brands, which makes it difficult to find replacement tips in the long run as some local stores might not sell the replacement tips for this brand.
  • As the iron tip is pointed, it may not work so well for soldering flat-surface components or process that requires pre-loading of the solder.


The Weller WSE5 is a great soldering station for serious enthusiasts and inventors. Available in an affordable rate, it will prove to be a good value for money. With all the advanced features and remarkable functions, it’s highly recommended for soldering electronics. So if you are into this field then Weller WSE5 is the ultimate soldering device for you.


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