Weller WESD51 Digital Soldering Station Review

Today Weller is one of the most reputed manufacturers of soldering and desoldering products. Among hundreds of Weller soldering iron models, the Weller WESD51 soldering system is the most popular unit.

The Weller WESD51 is an upgraded version of the analog soldering iron Weller WES51, with more advanced functions and a digital display. It’s a great tool for both electronic hobbyists and professionals who need precise outcomes.


The Weller WESD51 is a revolutionary soldering unit with exceptional features. Here is a short overview of its functions:

  • Power and Temperature

Soldering iron of Weller WESD51 has wattage of 60W and its temperature can be set between 350°F and 850°F, which can be measured accurately within 9 degrees. To reach an average temperature of 500°F from a cold start it takes around 40 seconds, which is very fast when compared to other units. It also has decent heat recovery times when you need quick change in the temperature settings.

  • Tip

The unit has a PES51 soldering pencil that is made of copper and plated with chromium and nickel. The platting allows faster heat transfer and protects the tip against corrosion due to oxidation.  Other ET series Weller tips are also compatible with this tool.  Four additional tips of different shapes and sizes are included with the Weller WESD51, which allows you to work on various soldering processes.

  • Iron holder

The iron holder included with the soldering system is sturdy, designed to hold the iron precisely when you take short breaks during the work. For convenient and quick tip cleaning, the iron holder has a dedicated spot for wet sponge.

  • Portability and Safety

The whole unit is compact and lightweight. It weighs only around 5 pounds and you carry around this soldering device easily. The cable that connects the pencil and station is long and allows you to move freely, providing an excellent freedom of movement over the work site. Its pencil is slim and light, making it more comfortable for you to work.

The soldering tip of Weller WESD51 is ESD safe as it’s grounded to prevent accumulation of charge that can damage the device during operation. The outer construction of the soldering pencil is made of high quality ESD free plastic for protection. Its cord is also made from inflammable silicon rubber for maximum safety and reliability.

Power Station and its Special Features

  • Digital Display and Control

The power station of Weller WESD51 has a digital display in which the temperature can be viewed in °F or °C. It has a simple power button for switching the device on or off, and a temperature knob for adjusting the desired temperature. The power station is constructed rugged and strong for maximum lasting.

  • Auto-lockout

The auto-lock function stabilizes the temperature when the desired level is reached. This function prevents excessive heating that can damage your work piece. It also prevents unexpected changes in the temperature.

  • Auto-shut off Function

This function makes the power station shut off power to the soldering pencil after the pencil has been inactive over 99 minutes. With this feature the soldering unit goes into an automatic sleep mode. The auto-shut off feature not only saves power, but it also promotes user safety.


The Weller WESD51 soldering device has a lot of advantages over other products:

  • With multiple temperature settings you can work on wide variety of soldering tasks by using a single tool.
  • It includes many additional accessories, which is a great value for money as buying individual items would cost you more.
  • Automatic functions help in delivering precise outcome, promote work efficiency and ensure better durability in the long run.
  • Best for both hobbyists and professionals who are into serious soldering projects.
  • Due to its cutting-edge features, it’s also great for industrial use.


This soldering unit comes with a few drawbacks as well:

  • Some buyers might find it somewhat off their budget limits. However, it’s worth every penny.
  • With a little complex interface, it might be too advanced for a novice. So, this unit is recommended only for individuals who have good experience with soldering irons.


As Weller has a good name in the soldering iron market, you can totally rely on this tool. It has relatively the best features and most advanced functions when compared with other Weller models. This could be your best bet if you are looking for a good temperature controlled soldering iron.


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