Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station Review

The Weller WLC100 is the best selling soldering device. It’s a handy tool and has everything that you’ll need to start your soldering project. It Works great for repairing electronic components. Designed by keeping in mind the liable needs of DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts, this unit is perfect for small home projects and garage works.  It’s best in quality and available at the most reasonable price. With this unit there is no chance for disappointment.


The Weller WLC100 soldering iron comes with numerous features and functions:

  • The soldering system includes a quality pencil iron and a sturdy power station to deliver you the best soldering experience.
  • It’s a powerful unit with wattage of 40W and temperature output up to 900°C. Power of the iron can be set between 5W to 40W according to the components and work piece that you are working on. With wide range of wattage selection you can select precise power setting for each unique job.
  • The iron takes less time to heat up, which helps in improving work efficiency and productivity.
  • High-quality slim and lightweight pencil iron with an iron-plated copper tip is at the heart of the soldering station. For better comfort while working for long stretches of time, the iron consists of a cushioned foam soft-grip that sits perfectly in your hand as you solder. Its heating element is replaceable, which ensures that you can continue using the iron for a very long time only by replacing its heating equipment.
  • Includes a ST3 1/8-inch iron plated screwdriver tip. It’s made of solid copper and plated with high quality iron, to protect the tip against solder creep and rust. With this, your tool will perform reliably in the long run.
  • This device is UL-listed, which ensures it has been experimentally approved and meets all the independent safety standards.

Power Station and its Special Features

  • The soldering station of Weller WLC100 has a simple light-up on/off switch that indicates whether the power is on or off. The integrated button is huge enough, enabling you to press it even with gloved fingers. It’s constructed on the top of the station, away from its knob for easy access.
  • When the bright orange LED is on, you’ll know that the iron is hot enough and ready for the work. This is a very good safety feature while you work.
  • Large knob control on the power station allows you to adjust the desired wattage. You can reach the precise temperature by simply turning the knob from setting 1 to setting 4.
  • The station has a plug on its side that provides a power base for additional soldering iron tip, where you can simply plug in the tip. It delivers power of up to 300 watts. Any soldering iron is compatible with the plug.
  • An iron stand is attached to the power station that enables you to place the iron while taking short intervals during work. A dedicated spot for cleaning sponge is also included for convenient cleaning experience.


Investing on Weller WLC100 can prove to be remarkably beneficial for you. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Its price is excellent for its features and accessories included with the unit.
  • With the easy-to-use power knob and adjustable control, this soldering station is comparatively more convenient to use than other units in its class. Due to its simple controls and operation it’s mostly preferred by novices.
  • Its tip has an extra thin tin coating to prevent corrosion. It’s guaranteed to have better longevity than others.
  • You can work for prolonged periods using this unit as it has a soft and fatigue-free grip.


With advantages, the Weller WLC100 soldering iron also has a few limitations listed below:

  • The power station doesn’t have a digital display for temperature setting, so you won’t be able to achieve the most accurate settings, which is why it’s not recommend for applications that require precise temperature settings.
  • You won’t find many advanced functions and safety features in this soldering system like auto-sleep function, stabilizer, auto-shut off, etc.
  • Some might feel its power to be less for their work.
  • Not good for manufacturing services and heavy-duty industrial purposes.


The Weller WLC100 soldering unit is only one in its kind. It’s packed with exceptional features in a very affordable rate. Best for home inventors and DIY enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate unit that you’ll never regret purchasing.


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