Weller WLC200 80-Watt Stained Glass Soldering Station Review

The Weller WLC200 might not be the cheapest product but it’s one of the best soldering irons available in the competition. In case you are looking for a good and reliable soldering iron for you stained glass project then this is just the right choice for you. It works great for shop work or home-based garage for individual inventors, and also a very good starter soldering station for beginners. In quite an affordable cost the compact soldering iron has everything to make it one of the best and most versatile soldering units.


The Weller WLC200 has many advanced features, making it a versatile soldering tool:

  • It includes a power station and a soldering pencil.
  • Wattage of this device can be set between 5 watts and 80 watts based on your component, task or work piece. More wattage means the temperature of its iron tip gets higher more quickly. With higher watt rating, you’ll be able to complete a wider range of soldering projects.
  • Its temperature range is up to 900°F, which is relatively higher than other tools with the same power. Most importantly, its heat up time and heat recovery time is immensely fast.
  • Pencil iron included with the soldering unit has an iron plated tip made of copper for high-efficiency heat distribution. It has a separable heating element, which reduces your expenses on repair over time, as it makes it possible to just replace the part rather than changing the entire iron.
  • Uses MTG20, MTG21 and MTG22 tips. The tips have thin tin coating that prevents corrosion.
  • The iron is slim and lightweight. It contains a foam grip for comfortable hold. Both the lightweight and the foam make it easier for you to hold. Your hand won’t feel fatigue after spending several hours of soldering, which require precise hand movements.
  • The unit is compact and weighs only around 2 pounds, so the user can easily carry around.

Power Station and Its Special Features

  • The power station consists of a light-up on/off button that indicates when the power is on. That way you don’t have to guess if the soldering station is active or not.
  • The power switch is large enough for the user to activate even with gloves on. The button is constructed on top of the power station, making it easy for you to reach.
  • Bright orange LED indicates that the soldering iron is hot enough and ready for the task. It also increases your security and safety while working.
  • Large integrated knob on the power station allows you to control the wattages on the soldering iron from 5 to 80 watts. You can simply turn the knob from setting 1 to setting 4 to select the precise wattage needed in your work.
  • A sturdy iron holder is attached to the power station that holds the iron tip steadily with no chance of slippage. A dedicated spot for wet sponge is also included for easy and quick tip cleaning.


With the Weller WLC200 as your soldering tool, you’ll have maximum advantages:

  • The unit has a very easy operating system with quick on/off button and simple knob control, so you don’t have to be an expert in machines to run this device.
  • Larger tips work well with flat-surface components and work pieces, which is why it’s most preferred by hobbyist who are into stained glass projects.
  • With maximum 80W power and wide range of wattage selection, it’s more versatile and suitable for numerous jobs.
  • Lightweight soldering iron gives more freedom of movement and also comfort. With more movement you can do your work more efficiently and complete it relatively faster.


Like any other machine, a few drawbacks in the Weller WLC200 may be licit:

  • Unlike other advanced tools the power station of this soldering system doesn’t have a digital adjustable temperature display or control, which makes it limited only to small DIY hobbyists and small home inventors. It’s not good for industrial purposes that need precise settings.
  • This device can’t be used in soldering work-pieces with tiny components like circuit boards or other small electronics.
  • It lacks some safety features like auto shut off function or heat stabilizer that can be found in many units available in its price range, which is why many buyers might not want to invest on this soldering station.


It must be known to you that soldering iron is a crucial tool in a stained glass work. While the unit has to be perfect with the most important functions, the iron must also be of optimal size. No soldering station is better than Weller WLC200 if you are looking for the best stained glass soldering device.


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